To improve the quality of young children’s lives in the GCC.


To be a leading organization supporting quality improvement of early childhood in the GCC, by integrating the international best practices and programs with the local culture and heritage.

Our core values

Setting the benchmark: Establishing and monitoring high quality practice through our programmes and services.

Upholding Ethics: Maintaining professional and trusting relationships with clients and stakeholders. Treating our fellow employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders with respect and valuing their contributions.

Applying Continuous Improvement: Assessing and developing our systems, processes and people to enhance our product and service offerings on a continuous basis.

Integrating Different Cultures: Acknowledging our environment and promoting mutual respect and integration through our programmes, services, and people.

Satisfying Customers: Achieving the level of performance that meets requirements and exceeds our client’s expectations.

Supporting & Educating Communities: Advocating for child wellbeing, education and protection by engaging with local and international communities to raise awareness and standards.

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