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National Quaifications Authority and Arabian Child


National Qualifcations Authority discusses developing NOSS for child care with Arabian Child in the presence of Council for Professional Recognition, USA members.


National Training Program for Teachers


In partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs, the British University in Dubai, and other renowned partners, Arabian Child is proud to bring high quality early childhood professional development training for teachers across the United Arab Emirates

Leading the Change in Childcare Policy in the UAE


Recently, there has been an overhaul in the early childhood within the Ministry of Social Affairs, UAE and a surge of media coverage of the importance of high quality education for children from birth to 4 years. There is also increasing awareness of the importance of professional development and high quality in order to help children reach potential and build capacities for cognitive and non-cognitive skills, identify at-risk children, instill cultural heritage, Arabic language, and increase school readiness. This paper presents current policy changes and steps that government is taking to adapt international best practice to local contexts. The paper presents the emerging role of childcare center leaders.


 The 1st Membership Association for early childhood professionals


We are proud to announce the Arabian Association for Early Childhood Education (AAECE) The Arabian Association for Early Childhood Education, or AAECE, is a membership association for early childhood education; allows everyone from parents to professionals to join, learn, and advocate for better education for all young children in the United Arab Emirates. Members enjoy access to early childhood newsletters, networking events, research, videos, articles, and much more.


Internationally certified child protection training


Feedback from previous participants:

“At first I thought this course was not for me, but at the end of the day I was hooked, and now I am applying what I learned in my center” Nursery teacher

“After attending this course, I have now created a policy statement for my childcare center with the help of my staff who also attended the training, I highly recommend this course for everyone” Nursery Director

“I wanted to learn more about the signed of child abuse so I could better protect my children against the risk of abuse” Parent of 2 young children

“I highly recommend this training and I am looking forward to attending more with Arabian Child” Group of school teachers

Enabling early childhood university students


A shortage of government and workplace-sponsored nurseries leaves many working mothers struggling to balance the demands of home and career, a nationwide study has found.

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