Research and Innovation

Arabian Child has been at the heart of many historic changes in early childhood in the United Arab Emirates. Now, at a time that the early childhood sector is going through a dramatic change in the GCC region, Arabian Child is the market leader in multiple areas. The company helped catalyze the sector to move towards improving their policies for regulating quality of early childhood education and care, now that it is fully underway, the company is at the center of the fundamental changes in the lead of the early years’ sector.

Arabian Child is committed to continuous development, innovation, and advancement by leading and supporting research projects. This research has provided the foundational knowledge required to build and adapt internationally recognized best practices and models. This research has also influenced local practices and policy-making.


Arabian Child Research Projects 

Examples of research studies that we have conducted and published:



Who is taking care of our children? National ECD workforce study and training needs assessment?



DAP: Teacher beliefs about development appropriate practice & differentiated teaching strategies



Relationships and interactions: assessing quality standards in early childhood settings



Emergency preparedness in UAE nurseries



Barriers to reporting child maltreatment in UAE nurseries



Developing a quality assurance framework for early years centres in the UAE: A qualitative study



Leadership in the early years: an analysis of leadership standards for achieving high quality childcare from five different countries



Analysis of child protection policy with childcare operations policies from four different countries: USA, UK, New Zealand and Singapore



Mother child attachment and its effect on communication about child sexual abuse topics in the United Arab Emirates



Quality assurance in early years setting: informing the development of an early years quality improvement framework for the UAE (part 1)



Quality assurance in early years setting: informing the development of an effective early years quality improvement framework for the UAE (part 2)



Barriers to implementing quality in nursery settings in the UAE

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