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Accredited Childcare Centers

Accredited Centers

The following is a list of some of the accredited centers or the centers that are enrolled in the program:
House of Colors Nursery
Busy Bees Nursery
Sesame Street Private Nursery
Talat School
Australian International Nursery
Chubby Cheeks Nursery
Tomorrow Oasis Nursery
Little Pearls Nursery
Blooming Buds Nursery
Shamah Autism Center
Thought Makers School
Kids Tent Nursery
IQ Kids Nursery
Aga Khan Early Learning Center
Bupa Nursery
International Montessori Nursery
Dreamland Nursery
Kids Academy
Oxford Nursery
Ministry of Presidential Affairs Nursery
First Steps Children’s Center

Accredited Childcare Centers -

Accredited Center – Sesame Street

Accredited Childcare Centers -

Accredited Center – House of Colours Nursery

Accredited Childcare Centers -

Center Director Meeting of Accredited Center