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Child Protection Awareness

To raise awareness to protect children and safeguarding


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Child Protection Awareness

Course Overview

The course provides a basic awareness of child protection and introduces the fundamentals of safeguarding. We will also discuss the types, signs, indicators and impacts of abuse. This is a prerequisite of Introduction to Child Protection where we will talk about more in detail what to do if you suspect a child is being abused and the importance of reporting your concerns.  

Learning Outcomes

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What is unique about this course?

Who is suitable for this course?

Open for all, interested to learn about safeguarding and child protection. 

How the training will be delivered?

Course will be delivered digitally through the GCA (Global Childhood Academy) learning platform.

Training Duration

30 minutes | Self-Paced | Enroll for FREE

Courses Available

Child Protection Awareness (Enroll for Free) 

Everyone working in a role that brings them into contact with children and young people needs to know about safeguarding children. This course enables learners to develop an awareness of key issues in safeguarding and what to do if they suspect a child or young person is being harmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arabian Child is a leading teacher training institute accredited by International UK awarding bodies and local regulatory authorities. Arabian Child has offices in Boston, Dubai, Bahrain, Riyadh and Oman offering 120 programs from 15 years to more than 14,000 learners.

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After completing our training, you will be able to know:

  1. What is meant by child protection and Safeguarding.
  2. What is child abuse and keeping children safe.

This course is open for all interested to learn the basics about the subject.

It should take you about 30 minutes to complete this training course.

This course is completely FREE to learn in your spare time.

Start straight away and join a global classroom of learners.

Yes, you will receive a free Digital Certificate after completing the course.

We are an online course provider, and learners from anywhere in the world can enroll on our courses using an internet-connected device.

Yes, this safeguarding course offers a general awareness about child protection and is suitable for anybody who comes into contact with children and young people during work, voluntary or leisure activities. However, if you work in a school/education environment, we offer a specifically for your sector, which you can select from our platform.

Who will you learn with?

CPA 2 -
  • Ph.D. Leadership in the Public Sector
  • Master of Science in Strategic Management
  • MSc. Architecture
  • Bachelors Architecture

Dr. Tariq Kashmiri is a certified Child Protection Trainer from the Scottish Police college. He has won multiple awards, including a community citizenship award for child advocacy, 1st prize entrepreneurship project sponsored by HSBC bank, and 1st prize Prince Sultan bin Salman Award for excellence in design and development.

Why you will take this training with Arabian Child?

As experts in Safeguarding and Child Protection, we understand the issues organisations and people working with children can face. That’s why professionals trust us to provide the support, training and resources they need to help protect the children and young people they work with. 

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Learner Feedback



Course Rating

Chris Batchelder


I learned that objective observation and reporting is key, not adding opinion or own ideas when making a report.

Dora Ehigie


This course has shown me how to better interact with kids and how to be more observant about their well being.

Carinton Ndikum


Thank you for this training, what i learned is to protect the kids assigned to me, have fun with them along the Expo journey, but also keep in mind their rights.

Milania Hanna


I think the biggest takeaway from this session is how significant our role and part can be in helping a child and making a difference even if we just meet them for a few hours.

Lorena Dela Cruz


This session was really very helpful to understand about child safety. I appreciate the effort of EXPO to make it available to us.

Krismer Acuesta


Thank you, my takeaway for today’s learning is to adapt to the changing needs of the children and understand their behavior.

Fairuz Faye Arden Casambros


Thank you for teaching how to handle kids and the do’s and don’ts while conducting the journey.

Vaniza Carbonell


This is very informative, we learned that we have a very crucial role in child protection policy during the expo tour, be aware of do’s and don’ts while having the tour.

Brenda Mawoneke


What I learned, treat every child equally irrespective of their nationality, race , etc.

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