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Use Code LEARNPRO50 for 50% discount
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Frequently Asked Questions

LearnPro is a digital learning platform specifically tailored for continuous professional development. It offers a broad array of courses designed to enhance professional skills and knowledge. Partnered with international organizations, LearnPro provides an annual membership giving you access to hundreds of accredited courses. This platform is ideal for both individuals seeking to elevate their professional competencies and organizations aiming to advance their staff development. With LearnPro, you can meet your annual training goals through a selection of topics customized to fit your unique professional needs. LearnPro essentially serves as your one-stop-shop for all your professional development requirements.

Arabian Child is a leading early childhood training, consulting, and service provider. We have been working in the early years sector since 2009. We have served alongside ministries of education, social affairs, and family development foundations on national and regional projects to help improve the quality of early childhood education and care. We also worked with hundreds of childcare providers, nurseries, schools, and afterschool programs. Besides the EYFS curriculum, we also offer accredited training and qualification programs. Visit www.ArabianChild.org for more information. 

The Global Childhood Academy (GCA) is a platform dedicated to enabling upskilling of professionals and educators serving children. They are a US based organization that power the technology for LearnPro. 

LearnPro is designed for a variety of individuals and organizations who value continuous learning and professional development. Here are some potential users:

1. **Individuals seeking professional development:** Whether you’re looking to acquire a new skill, enhance your existing knowledge, or explore a new area of interest, LearnPro provides access to a vast library of courses across numerous topics.

2. **Organizations aiming to train their employees:** Companies or non-profit organizations can leverage LearnPro to provide their team with relevant, up-to-date training. It is especially useful for organizations that wish to keep their teams abreast of new developments and equip them with necessary skills to perform their roles effectively.

3. **Educational institutions:** Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions can utilize LearnPro to supplement their in-house training and provide teachers and staff with opportunities for continuous professional development.

4. **Training providers looking for an efficient platform:** Those who deliver training can use LearnPro as a platform to reach a larger audience and provide their courses on a reliable, user-friendly platform.

In essence, LearnPro is for anyone who believes in continuous learning and seeks to empower themselves or their teams with relevant knowledge and skills.

The benefits of a LearnPro membership extend beyond just access to a plethora of courses. Here’s a look at what members can expect:

1. **Unlimited Access to Courses:** As a LearnPro member, you’ll have unlimited access to a vast selection of courses across numerous disciplines, providing you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

2. **High-Quality Content:** LearnPro courses are developed by industry experts and cover the most relevant and current topics, ensuring that you’re getting high-quality, meaningful education.

3. **Personalized Learning Experience:** LearnPro allows you to customize your learning pathway according to your needs and interests, providing a truly personalized learning experience.

4. **Accredited Certificates:** Upon completion of each course, you’ll earn an accredited Certificate of Training, which you can use to enhance your professional profile and stand out to potential employers.

5. **Cost-Effective Learning:** Instead of purchasing individual courses, a LearnPro membership gives you access to an extensive library of courses for a single annual fee, making it a cost-effective learning solution.

6. **Learning Management for Organizations:** For organizations, LearnPro offers tools to manage training for staff members, including assigning learning targets and tracking progress.

7. **Continuous Learning Opportunities:** With new courses being added regularly, the opportunities for learning and growth are virtually limitless.

In a nutshell, a LearnPro membership provides a comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective learning solution tailored to the needs of the modern learner.

Yes, LearnPro does offer courses that are accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). However, it’s important to note that only courses provided by Arabian Child carry this accreditation.

Arabian Child, a respected provider within our platform, offers a range of courses that meet KHDA’s stringent accreditation standards. This ensures that the quality of learning you receive aligns with recognized professional standards.

However, if you wish to obtain a KHDA attestation for each completed Arabian Child course, there is an additional cost. This attestation formally recognizes your achievement and can be valuable for career progression and professional recognition in the UAE. Our team can assist you with the attestation process if needed.

Please remember that while KHDA accreditation is highly regarded, all our courses – regardless of the provider – are designed to deliver high-quality learning experiences. Our aim is to support your professional growth and development, no matter what your learning goals might be.

Yes, LearnPro is a membership program. By subscribing to LearnPro, members gain access to a wide array of continuous professional development (CPD) courses. This membership provides an avenue for continuous learning, allowing individuals and organizations to meet their annual training goals through a vast selection of courses. The aim of LearnPro is to enable personalized and flexible learning experiences, aiding in the professional growth and development of its members.

Yes, you certainly can cancel your LearnPro membership. We operate on an annual renewal basis, so you have the flexibility to decide each year whether you’d like to continue with the service. If you choose not to renew, simply ensure to cancel your membership before the renewal date for the following year. If you need assistance with this process or have any questions, our customer service team is always here to help.

While platforms like Coursera and Udemy offer a broad array of courses spanning multiple disciplines, LearnPro is tailored specifically to the needs of professionals seeking continuous development. Here’s why LearnPro stands out:

1. **Focus on Professional Development:** Unlike many online platforms that offer courses on a myriad of topics, LearnPro specializes in professional development. Our courses are designed with the primary goal of enhancing your career skills and expanding your professional knowledge.

2. **Highly Relevant Courses:** LearnPro provides access to a wealth of courses that are specifically relevant to the professional environment, ensuring that the skills and knowledge you gain can be immediately applied in your workplace.

3. **Learning Management for Organizations:** LearnPro not only caters to individuals, but also offers comprehensive learning management solutions for organizations. It allows organizations to create accounts for staff members, assign learning targets, and track progress, making it an invaluable tool for any organization committed to staff development.

4. **KHDA Accredited Courses:** LearnPro features Arabian Child courses that are accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), offering additional value for those seeking recognized professional qualifications.

5. **Customizable Learning Pathways:** With LearnPro, you have the power to select courses that fit your unique professional development needs, making your learning experience more targeted and efficient.

6. **Cost-Effective Membership:** Instead of paying for each course individually, LearnPro’s annual membership provides unlimited access to an extensive library of courses, making it a more cost-effective solution for continuous learning.

While platforms like Coursera and Udemy have their own strengths, LearnPro’s specialized focus on professional development, coupled with its unique features and benefits, make it a strong contender for professionals seeking to grow and develop in their careers.

Yes, upon completion of a course, you will receive a certificate. Additionally, for a small fee, you can also receive a KHDA accredited certificate, which is recognized by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

LearnPro serves as a valuable asset in your professional journey, particularly in early childhood education. Upon course completion, you’ll receive an Arabian Child certificate, which stands as a testament to your newly acquired skills, knowledge, and competencies. Here’s how this benefits you:

– **Professional Recognition:** Display your certificate to your current or prospective employer to validate your commitment to professional development and staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques in early childhood education.

– **Career Advancement:** Use your certificate as leverage for promotions or advancements within your current role. It demonstrates your proactive engagement in furthering your education and skills.

– **Employability:** Enhance your credibility in the job market. The certificate increases your marketability, setting you apart when seeking new employment opportunities.

– **Annual Professional Requirements:** Our courses are KHDA-accredited, making them a reliable way to meet your profession’s annual professional development requirements.

– **Further Education:** Our certificates are recognized and accepted by many educational institutions, providing an avenue for pursuing higher education opportunities.

– **Confidence and Impact:** With your new knowledge and skills, you’ll feel confident in applying them within your work environment, leading to a positive impact on the children and families you serve.

In essence, LearnPro empowers you to stay ahead in your professional development, opening doors for career growth, further education, and impactful service in early childhood education.

Yes, LearnPro facilitates direct interaction with instructors. This feature allows you to ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in relevant discussions to deepen your understanding of the course material. This interaction not only enhances the learning experience but also allows you to gain insights from the expertise of the instructors.

Some courses incorporate online quizzes as part of the learning process, challenging you to apply what you’ve learned. Other courses involve task completion, where you receive valuable feedback from course assessors. This hands-on approach not only tests your understanding but also provides constructive insights for your growth. Each course is designed uniquely to ensure an engaging and enriching learning experience.