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Diploma in Quality Management

Diploma in Quality Management

The aim of Diploma in Quality Management for Early Childhood Programs is to introduce leaders in the field of early years to quality assurance; features approaches, effective systems and tools for early years quality management.

Topics will include: Defining quality in early years, Quality Approaches, Quality features, Quality systems, Tools for measuring quality, & Managing quality in the local context.

Target Audience
Childcare Inspectors
Quality Assessors
Childcare providers and Directors
Early Childhood Leaders
Early Childhood Trainers and Consultants

Course Topics
Understand the context of quality assurance in the early years.
Understand how to implement quality standards in nurseries, preschools, kindergartens, children’s play areas.
Understand the different tools to use to measure quality in the early years.
Implementing and managing quality in a childcare center.
Quality Standard Domains.

(USA) Accredited by Advance International
(UAE) Accredited by Arabian Child
(UK) Unit certificate available