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About our Child Protection Services

About our Child Protection Training and Consultancy Services

Arabian Child is a specialist child protection training and consultancy organization. In the United Arab Emirates, we have been acknowledged by the UAE Federal Ministry as a specialist training provider for Child Protection and Early Childhood Qualifications and a center for training excellence. We specialize in training and capacity building of adults who work directly or indirectly with children. Our role is to help adults be sensitive to the signs and types of abuse and neglect, and be able to respond appropriately.

Arabian Child has also conducted several local and regional research studies within the field of child protection to help us understand the current challenges, needs and possible gaps in child protection, and we inspire to provide training programs that bring the global best practices for protecting and safeguarding children by integrating it with the local needs of our context.

Our child protection training and consultancy services aim to;

We believe that anyone who deals, interacts, or comes in contact with children needs to be trained and must have specific set of competencies. Many people working with children may assume that they would know how to recognize and respond to child abuse if the situation arose, but our training programs ensure that all adults have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help them keep children safe.

About our Child Protection Services -

Arabian Child is at the forefront of innovation and evolution in child protection, with data-driven programs, effective and powerful mentor-coaching, the creation of continual program improvement through meticulous program evaluation, and the important work of infusing community and families into the education of our youngest citizens.

When Arabian Child designs programs, delivers consultancy services, whether supporting government bodies, NGOs, or private centers, our training programs, products, and services will ensure that it will always be about the needs of that one child, in that one family in that single neighborhood that will be the foundation of their success.

About our Child Protection Training Programs

To protect children, people need to have:

Target Audience

About our Child Protection Services -

Training media, community & volunteers on child protection & the importance of investing in early childhood education.
Training programs for police & social workers on child protection & investigating cases of child abuse.
Training programs for health professionals on roles & responsibilities on protecting children from abuse.
Training programs for parents and families to enhance parenting skills.
Training and Qualifications for Teachers, Leaders and Managers, Childcare takers and teaching assistants