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Smart Start Home Learning Kit

Smart Start Home Learning Kit

A fun, interactive system will help ensure your child is ready for kindergarten.

smart start parent home learning toolkit for children

Welcome to Smart Start!

A fun, interactive system will help ensure your child is ready for kindergarten by aligning home learning and practice to most early learning and development standards used in schools in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain. As you and your child discover the wonder of learning through the activities provided in our Parent Guide, you will build confidence and understanding that will carry over into the kindergarten classroom. Developing the concepts and skills shared in our achievement ring package will ensure your child is ready for success.

Each toolkit includes the Achievement Ring set which consists of 37 learning target cards with a small ring for the organization, a name card, “I Can!” stickers, and a progress wall poster. The learning target cards represent the prerequisite skills that support kindergarten readiness and are derived from the Early Learning and Development Standards, which take a holistic approach toward Pre-K learning and development.


Suitable for children under the age of age 5.
The Achievement Rings have been reviewed and approved by an Educator’s Council of experts in content, curriculum, and pedagogy in USA.
They have been awarded the Seal of Approval by the National Parenting Center, USA. Winner of Moms Choice Gold Award, USA. This system has also been reviewed by Arabian Child Education Consultants, the leading early childhood education organization in the Middle East, UAE.


37 Achievement Cards with color-coded stars to indicate the seven learning domains:
Learning Approach
Health and Physical Development
Math and Scientific Thinking
Language and Communication Development
Art and Creativity
Social and Emotional Development
Community Citizenship
“I Can!” stickers
1 name card
1 progress poster


All kits are bilingual, English & Arabic