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Program Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment terms: Payment is due upon registration and acceptance of the quotation. Payment plans must be agreed upon in writing. 100 % of fees must be paid before scheduling the final verification visit. Arabian Child reserves the right to change program fees before a quotation is accepted.
  2. The client shall bear all responsibility and fees for Visa issuance and or the approval of the visit for the assessor to the client in order to perform verification visit as per requirements of the program.
  3. This quotation applies to one (1) location/center branch. Information about these standards cannot be shared across centers. The client agrees not to share standards or information with anyone else outside the setting that is registered for this program.
  4. Start Date: The date of activation of the online learning portal will be counted as the program start date.
  5. Client will receive feedback from the assessor against documents/evidence. The client can re-upload files after making improvements. Evidence for criteria can be re-uploaded no more than two (2) times.
  6. The client may request additional orientation sessions (in English or Arabic) for an additional fee. Additional training or consultancy will be charged at a standard daily consultancy rate.
  7. Final Verification Visit: Upon submission of all required documents/evidence through the electronic platform, the final evaluation date shall be agreed upon between both parties, no later than 12 months from the start date. The Center is evaluated within one to two days as required.
  8. Quality Report: The quality report of the Center will be delivered within a maximum of 4 weeks from the date of the final evaluation. After the assessment, the client will receive a quality report and a certificate indicating tier level (1 to 5 stars) awarded. The client may choose to apply for a re-assessment. Costs for re-assessments apply.
  9. Confidentiality Agreement: Both AC and the client agree that all information provided to both parties is strictly confidential and cannot be shared, copied or misused in any way other than what it was agreed for.
  10. All copyrights for the training materials, standards, criteria remain and belong to Arabian Child Education Consultants FZ-LLC and their international partners. They cannot be modified, copied, distributed or shared.
  11. The client online learning portal account can be renewed after 12 months of the start date for an additional fee.
  12. Certification for JAWDA valid for 3 years. When a certificate is issued, this will be marked as a certification date. An annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) must be submitted 11 months from the certification date.