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Training for Education Sector

Training for Education Sector -

Educators have a vital role in identifying, reporting, and preventing child abuse and neglect. Studies indicate that many educators are not entirely clear what the indicators of child abuse and neglect are or how to report suspected maltreatment. There are many reasons why educators are so vital in identifying, treating, and preventing child maltreatment. First, they have close and consistent contact with children. Second, educators have a professional and legally mandated responsibility for reporting suspected maltreatment. While educators facilitate children’s learning, children cannot learn effectively if their attention or energy is sapped by the conflicts inherent in being maltreated. Third, school personnel have a unique opportunity to advocate for children, as well as provide programs and services that can help children and strengthen families. It is important to realize that a positive relationship with a supporting adult may enhance the resiliency of children who have been abused, are at-risk for being abused, or live in a home where no maltreatment occurs but the family experiences other problems, such as substance abuse. Dealing with child abuse and neglect is, in fact, a community effort. As leaders in their communities, educators are often in an ideal position to initiate this type of teamwork.

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