Certificate In Child Protection & Safeguarding NEW

We are proud to present our New Certificate In Child Protection & Safeguarding. 15 hours long. Classroom sessions are conducted over 2 days. Learners complete their assignments over 1-2 weeks. Can be taken in English or Arabic. The aim of this course is to enhance educators and school’s staffs understanding of best practices in protecting and safeguarding learners.  



Child Protection Training 

Every child deserves to flourish in an environment safe from all abuse. Arabian Child is a specialist child abuse prevention organization, in the United Arab Emirates, acknowledged by the UAE federal Ministry as a specialist awarding organization for Child Protection and Early Childhood Qualifications and a center for training excellence. We ‘speak up’ for children so that adults will not overlook, ignore or condone violence. Our role is to increase public awareness and provide adults with the right information which will give them the confidence to act when they believe a child is in danger.

We do this by;

  • Raising understanding and awareness of the issue
  • Educating and inspiring those working with children
  • Influencing change in society’s attitudes and behaviors

Training for people working with children and families is absolutely critical. Many people working with children assume that they would know how to recognize and respond to child abuse if the situation arose. Sadly the reality is often quite different. Arabian Child training programmes support people to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to help them to keep children safe. 

Our clients:

  • Ministry of Interior
  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • Family Development Foundation
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • IBM
  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Children’s afterschool activity centers

Our Courses:

Child protection training catalog

  1.  Child Protection Awareness Creating a safe home environment
  2. Protecting myself & others (for Kids)
  3. Teaching Children to Protect Themselves
  4. Introduction to Child Protection
  5. Child Protection - Reporting, Policy & Procedures
  6. Child Protection in the Education Settings
  7. Emergency Preparedness in Childhood Centres
  8. Emergency and Accident Management
  9. Transportation and Field Trip Safety
  10. Transporting Children with Special Needs
  11. Domestic Violence and the Impact on Children
  12. Child Protection Coordinators Child Protection for Health Practitioners
  13. Child Protection Investigation for Law Enforcement Officers
  14. Child Protection Train the Trainer for Law Enforcement Officers

Click here to download our Child Protection Training Catalog.

Online Child Protection Training: 

We also offer a range of online child protection training courses. Click here to download our online course catalog.


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