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For all early years educators

Community Partners -

Exclusive Early Childhood Community

An Invitation-Only Community For Centers Serving Children

Arabian Child is excited to present our exclusive network made for leaders in early years education.

Community Partners -

Attend FREE Live Training

Monthly training sessions

Community Partners -


Lead and manage your team

Community Partners -

Curriculum Workshops

Learn about curriculum practices

Community Partners -

Inspection Preparedness

Get a quality assessment of your center

Community Partners -

Connect & Hire

Recruit from our graduates

Benefits of Joining as Community Partner

Arabian Child is excited to present our exclusive group made for leaders in early years education.

Boost your Center's Reputation

Elevate your center’s name. With exclusive resources and connections, enhance your center’s standing in the community.

Empower Your Staff

Empower those who empower children. Provide your team with the tools and resources they need to excel, driving quality and retention.

Gain an Industry Edge

Stay ahead of the curve. Equip yourself with the latest tools and practices, ensuring your center remains a benchmark in the industry.

Access Free Workshops

Never stop learning. Attend live sessions at no cost, tapping into the latest insights and strategies in the early years sector.

Network with your Peers (other center directors)

Collaboration is key. Connect, collaborate, and exchange crucial insights with industry peers, amplifying your center’s potential.

Connect with Arabian Child Graduates

Expand your team with the best. Engage directly with AC-trained professionals, ready to bring innovation and expertise to your center.

Eligibility Criteria

You must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to apply to be a Community Partner:


You are a licensed center AND in operation for at least 1 year.

If you are a new center or are waiting for your license, please reach out to us at info@arabianchild.org.


Serving children aged 0-9 years.

Nursery, preschool, kindergarten, special needs center, after school program, etc. 


Complete the application form.

About Arabian Child

  • Setting the Pace for 16+ Years

    As a leading early childhood training and consulting firm, we've been at the forefront of industry evolution for over a decade.

  • A Trusted Partner Worldwide

    With experience spanning 350 childhood centers globally, our reach and influence are truly international.

  • KHDA Approved TVET Center

    Our commitment to excellence is backed by accreditation from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA Dubai).

  • NCFE CACHE Centre

    A Benchmark of Quality. As a recognized NCFE CACHE Centre, our training programs meet the highest international standards.

  • TQUK Accredited Training Center

    Global Recognition, Local Application. Our accreditation from Training Qualifications UK underlines our dedication to world-class training.

  • Endorsed as "Center of Excellence" by local governments

    Renowned ministries and regulators have distinguished us as a "Center of Excellence", a testament to our unmatched quality and impact.

Community Partners -

How to get Started?

To join this exclusive early childhood community, simply follow these three easy steps:

Community Partners -

1) Apply

Start by completing the online application form.

Community Partners -

2) Approved

Once approved, you will gain access to our online platform.

Community Partners -

3) Connect & Learn

Start receiving invitations to monthly training events.


"Being a part of this community transformed our center. The resources are invaluable."


Sunshine Kids

"Being a part of this community transformed our center. The resources are invaluable."


Sunshine Kids

"Being a part of this community transformed our center. The resources are invaluable."


Sunshine Kids

Community Partners Platform Demo

Every community partners will have their own portal to access:

  • View Upcoming Events: Stay updated on what’s next.
  • Watch Passed Events: Never miss out, even if you couldn’t attend live
  • Monitor and Track Staff Professional Development: Assign learning, monitor and  track your team’s professional development and skills attainment. 

Exclusive Discounts & Offers for Community Partners

Community Partners -

Special rates and offers await community partners, including discounts on:

  • NCFE CACHE qualifications. 
  • TQUK professional certifications.
  • Annual Professional Development Membership (LearnPro). 
  • Arabian Child EYFS play-based, bilingual curriculum.
  • Jawda Quality Improvement Program
  • Technical, academic, and business operations support


How will this program benefit my center?

It aims to enhance overall quality, streamline operations, and aid in staff retention.

Any prerequisites to join?

Your center must be licensed and serve children.

What is the program duration?

The partnership lasts for one year but is renewable.

Do we need to commit for 1 year?

Yes, a one-year commitment is recommended to achieve the best results.

How often are live sessions held?

The monthly sessions are held on Zoom, AND recorded sessions are available on our online learning platform. You and your staff members will have access to the platform each with their own username and password so that you can track their access. 

What if I miss the live sessions?

No worries. All sessions are recorded and can be accessed later through our platform.

Who delivers the training programs?

Our sessions are led by renowned professionals in the industry.

Are there any in-person events?

Yes, there are opportunities for in-person networking and events

Are the training certificates KHDA accredited?

Yes, but there might be an additional cost.

Are there hidden costs?

No, the program is free. However, it is invitation-only.

Is there a limit to the number of staff members I can add?

No, there’s no limit.

Will I receive a certificate?

Certificates are provided for certain training programs.

Can my staff access the platform too?

Absolutely, all staff members can use the platform.

What platform will I use?

As a director, you and your team will access our state-of-the-art online learning platform.


As a community partner, we have some anticipations:

  • Active Engagement:
    Attend and participate in our monthly live sessions.
  • Implement Learnings:
    Use the knowledge from our program to improve the quality of the service you provide to all children and families in your community.
  • Staff Development:
    Encourage your team to join the program and further their professional growth.
  • Feedback & Collaboration:
    Offer constructive feedback and collaborate to enhance the program for the entire community.
Community Partners -
Community Partners -

Exclusive Training Events for Community Partners

Training Event Title Event DescriptionDate
Mastering the Basics of EYFSTime: 6-7 pm (Dubai)1705082400 January 12, 2024
Harnessing AI in Early EducationTime: 5-6 pm (Dubai)1708102800 February 16, 2024
Team Leadership: CPD & Skills DevelopmentTime: 4-5 pm (Dubai)1710518400 March 15, 2024
Innovative Tools for SEN LearnersTime: 4-5 pm (Dubai)1713542400 April 19, 2024
Optimizing Center Operations for SuccessTime: 4-5 pm (Dubai)1715961600 May 17, 2024
Transformative Whole LeadershipTime: 6-7 pm (Dubai)1717869600 June 8, 2024
Achieving Excellence: Quality Assurance in FocusTime: 4-5 pm (Dubai)1720803600 July 12, 2024
Exploring Assistive TechTime: 4-5 pm (Dubai)1724428800 August 23, 2024
Early Years Career GuideTime: 4-5 pm (Dubai)1726848000 September 20, 2024
Sensory Play: Enriching Activities for Young MindsTime: 4-5 pm (Dubai)1729353600 October 19, 2024

To receive an invitation to attend any or all of the above events, apply to be a community partner.