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Highly Trained and Licensed Professionals with Hands On Experience

At Arabian Child, we are proud to be a team of highly trained and licensed professionals with hands-on experience in early childhood education. Since 2009, we have been working at the intersection of child protection, workforce development, and education reform, with a mission to develop and amplify innovative solutions to early childhood challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region. Our work is focused on three key practice areas:

  • Women’s workforce preparation in early childhood
  • Multisectoral childhood adult capacity building and upskilling
  • Quality assurance of ECE centers serving children

We believe that every child, regardless of race, nationality, or color, deserves equal access to quality service and quality of life. If you share this belief and are looking for a partner who can help you deliver top-notch early childhood education, look no further than Arabian Child. Contact us today to learn more!


Quality Care, Education and Protection

At Arabian Child, we are dedicated to driving innovation and evolution in early childhood education. Our data-driven programs, effective upskilling, and commitment to continual program improvement through evaluation make us a leader in the field.

We offer consultancy services to a wide range of clients, including government bodies, multi-center chains, franchises, and single-owner childcare centers. No matter what your needs may be, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Most importantly, we never lose sight of the fact that every child is unique, and we always consider the needs of that one child, in that one family, in that single neighborhood. If you’re looking for a partner who shares your commitment to providing high-quality early childhood education to every child, look no further than Arabian Child. Contact us today to learn more!

The Future Depends on Early Childhood

What is early childhood education?

Early childhood education refers to the educational programs and practices that are designed to support the learning and development of children from birth through 8 years old. During this time, children are developing rapidly and are particularly receptive to new experiences, which makes it an ideal time to provide educational experiences that can help them build the skills, knowledge, and habits that they will need to succeed in school and beyond.

Why is early childhood education important?

Early childhood education is important because it lays the foundation for a child's future learning and development. During the first eight years of life, children's brains are developing rapidly and they are particularly receptive to new experiences. By providing educational experiences during this time, we can help children build the skills, knowledge, and habits that they will need to succeed in school and beyond.

Consulting Services -

What we are proud of?

At Arabian Child, we are proud to offer a wide range of consulting services for early childhood education and care. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise to support you in areas such as technical, strategic, and academic support for innovative projects in the field of early childhood education. We can also help you assess the current status of your program and develop policies and standards to ensure the highest quality of care for children.

Why Arabian Child Consulting Services?

Some of our Previous Work

Arabian Child is the leading bilingual teacher training academy in the Middle East, working directly with educators and education leaders to stay informed about the latest developments in the early childhood sector. This allows our consulting services to be highly effective and beneficial for anyone seeking our help. Some of our previous work includes: 

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