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Premier Operational Solutions for Early Childhood Centers

Gain international expert guidance and best practices from the leaders in early childhood education consulting. Our dedicated team will help you streamline operations, enhance parent satisfaction, and build a committed workforce to ensure your center exceeds industry standards.

Results You Get

Increase Enrollments

Our marketing coaching helps leaders increase enrollments and create longer waitlists.

Increase Revenue

Higher enrollment leads to higher profitability and more funds for quality materials and staff wages.

Reduce Turnover

Promote staff longevity, which is key to both teacher-child relationships and overall center well-being.

Lower Stress

Happier staff positively impacts children, peers, and families.

Streamline Operations

Better business and academic practices allow leaders to focus on quality instead of quantity in their daily workload.

Opening a New Childcare Center?

What We Offer

Achieve higher evaluation scores and secure esteemed accreditation, demonstrating your center’s commitment to excellence.

Receive expert guidance on architectural planning and design to create an optimal learning environment.

Optimize your center’s layout and resources for enhanced learning and operational efficiency.

Engage in accredited skill-building programs that elevate the professional competence of your staff

Ensure each of your staff members meets local regulatory requirements with accredited qualifications.

Refine your operational systems and policies, complete with tailored coaching to forge effective leaders.

Access comprehensive recruitment services to build a strong, qualified team for your center.

Establish robust handbooks, policies, and systems to streamline center operations, ensuring consistency and quality.

Navigate financial planning with precision, leveraging key performance indicators to optimize budgeting and resource allocation.

Boost enrollment with powerful marketing strategies, including lead generation and multi-channel advertising.

Develop and implement effective academic plans and curriculum activities tailored to your center’s needs.

Receive personalized coaching and mentoring to enhance leadership skills and operational effectiveness.

Turnkey Solutions for New Centers

Accelerate the launch of your new childcare center with our turnkey solutions. Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, our services ensure you start strong, generate income early, and meet your business objectives swiftly.

Key Benefits:

International Best Practices:

Set up your new center in alignment with international quality standards.

Efficient Launch:

Open faster, reducing time to market and accelerating your path to success.

Early Revenue:

Start generating income before officially opening your doors with our pre-opening strategies.

Smooth Setup:

Overcome startup challenges with our deep industry knowledge, ensuring a hassle-free launch.

Quick Goal Achievement:

Fast-track the achievement of your business milestones with our strategic approach.

Why Choose Us?

Since 2009, we have worked with over 480 centers globally, providing the insights and knowledge to guide you to success. Our strategies help you build demand even before you open, ensuring a strong start with secured revenue.

About Arabian Child

Setting the Pace for 16+ Years:

As a leading early childhood training and consulting firm, we've been at the forefront of industry evolution for over a decade.

A Trusted Partner Worldwide:

With experience spanning 480 childhood centers globally, our reach and influence are truly international.

KHDA Approved TVET Center:

Our commitment to excellence is backed by accreditation from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA Dubai).


A Benchmark of Quality. As a recognized NCFE CACHE Centre, our training programs meet the highest international standards.

Endorsed as "Center of Excellence" by local governments:

Renowned ministries and regulators have distinguished us as a "Center of Excellence", a testament to our unmatched quality and impact.

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