Childcare Quality Accreditation JAWDA -

JawdaTM Quality Improvement Program for Centers that Serve Children

Childcare Quality Accreditation JAWDA -


Quality Domains

Childcare Quality Accreditation JAWDA -


Quality Standards

Childcare Quality Accreditation JAWDA -


Quality Tiers

JawdaTM Accreditation:

Establish Credibility, Foster Community Trust, and Elevate Excellence Standards.

JawdaTM stands as a comprehensive, five-tier quality enhancement program, allowing leaders to dramatically uplift all facets of their center through meticulous evaluation across six domains and more than 70 standards. Ascending the tiers signifies a dedication to excellence, positioning centers at the forefront of quality service, operational efficiency, and global recognition

Getting Started


Learn About JawdaTM

Download the brochure, and explore JawdaTM domains and standards to kickstart your journey.


Consult with an Expert

Contact a JawdaTM representative to discuss your center's needs and outline your personalized path to accreditation.


Begin Accreditation

Officially register your center with JawdaTM and begin implementing the structured steps towards accreditation.

Eligible Centers

JawdaTM Accreditation is designed for a diverse array of centers dedicated to nurturing and educating children aged 0-8 years. Whether you are:

  • Early Childhood Education Centers: Focused on providing foundational learning experiences.
  • Daycare Facilities: Offering safe, nurturing care while parents are at work.
  • Special Needs Programs: Specialized services catering to children with unique learning and care needs.
  • Preschools: Preparing children for the transition to formal schooling.
  • Child Development Centers: Emphasizing holistic growth and developmental milestones.
  • After-School Programs: Providing additional educational and recreational activities post-school hours.

Your center plays a vital role in shaping young minds and futures. JawdaTM is here to help you excel in that mission.

Accredited Centers

House of Colors Nursery
Busy Bees Nursery
Sesame Street Private Nursery
Talat School Australian International
Nursery Chubby Cheeks Nursery
Kids Academy

Tomorrow Oasis Nursery
Little Pearls Nursery
Blooming Buds Nursery
Shamah Autism Center
Thought Makers School
Ministry of Presidential Affairs Nursery

Kids Tent Nursery
IQ Kids Nursery
Aga Khan Early Learning Center
Bupa Nursery
International Montessori Nursery
Dreamland Nursery
First Steps Children’s Center

Accreditation Path: 5 Steps to Excellence

Initial Assessment: JawdaTM experts conduct a thorough review to pinpoint your center’s strengths and improvement areas.

    1. Targeted Training: Intensive sessions on JawdaTM domains and standards provide your staff with the necessary knowledge and readiness for the program.
    1. Quality Implementation: Implement improvements, document progress, and refine practices based on expert feedback.
    1. Final Evaluation: Your center will undergo a comprehensive final evaluation aimed at verifying the completed improvements. 
  1. Final Evaluation: Your center will undergo a comprehensive final evaluation aimed at verifying the completed improvements.
    • Tier 1 -⭐️ – Participation in the program.
    • Tier 2 -⭐️⭐️ – Working towards quality standards.
    • Tier 3 -⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Approaching quality standards.
    • Tier 4 -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Achievement of quality standards.
    • Tier 5 -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Excellence in quality standards.
  2. Achievement Celebration: Publicize your commitment to excellence and celebrate your achievements with your team, the children, and their parents.

Benefits of JawdaTM Accreditation

Quality Enhancement:

  • Achieve and maintain the highest care and educational standards.
  • Foster a culture of ongoing development and enhancement.

Recognition and Credibility:

  • Gain a recognizable mark of excellence and quality.
  • Build trust with parents and the community through verified quality standards.

Operational Excellence:

  • Streamline operations and improve efficiency through best practices.
  • Enhance safety and reduce potential risks with accredited procedures.

Competitive Advantage:

  • Stand out in a crowded market with accredited status.
  • Attract more parents and children with your commitment to accredited excellence.

Parental Engagement:

  • Help parents make informed decisions with transparent quality indicators.
  • Foster a stronger community through open dialogue about quality and care.
Orientation Workshops

Want to understand the basics of JawdaTM program?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Jawda – Quality Improvement Program ®

Jawda is a context-specific initiative designed to enhance the quality of services provided to children and families in their communities. It aims to raise and maintain high standards in the early childhood sector, recognize high-quality services, and offer reassurance for parents while providing information that will help them make informed decisions about their childcare needs.

Research shows that quality education and care early in life lead to better health, education, and employment outcomes later in life. Every child’s early years are critical for establishing self-esteem, resilience, healthy growth, and capacity to learn. Quality improvement contributes to:

  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children.
  • Ensuring the happiness and well-being of children.
  • Decreasing staff turnover and increasing parental satisfaction.
  • Enhancing children’s engagement in learning and play.
  • Offering a nurturing and creative learning environment in the nursery or kindergarten.
  • Improving the overall performance of staff and center in accordance with international standards.
DOMAIN 1: Child Learning and Development
Key Area 1: Educational Program
Key Area 2: Curriculum
Key Area 3: Relationships and Interactions
DOMAIN 2: Child Protection, Health, and Safety
Key Area 1: Child Protection
Key Area 2: Child Safety
Key Area 3: Child Health and Wellbeing
DOMAIN 3: Workforce Qualifications and Professional Development
Key Area 1: Staff Qualifications
Key Area 2: Professional Development
Key Area 3: Staffing
DOMAIN 4: Citizenship, Community Partnership and Family Relationships
Key Area 1: Relationship with Parents
Key Area 2: Community Partnership
Key Area 3: Citizenship
DOMAIN 5: Indoor and Outdoor Environments
Key Area 1: Indoor & Outdoor Environment
Key Area 2: Resources
Key Area 3: Provisions for Children with Special Needs
DOMAIN 6: Leadership, Management and Administration
Key Area 1: Leadership
Key Area 2: Operations
Key Area 3: HR Management

Assessment Criteria: D – Documentation, O – Observation, I – Interview

The tiered system is a valuable accountability measure that supports children’s centers in improving quality. Each tier builds on the foundation of the previous one, resulting in significant improvements at each stage. JAWDA enhances the national and international reputation and represents peer recognition for the center going beyond ministry licensing requirements. For prospective families, JAWDA serves a consumer protection purpose. It provides assurance that your center has better evaluated and has met accepted global best practices and standards.

Childcare Quality Accreditation JAWDA -

Pursuing Jawda accreditation offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Enhancing your center’s national and international reputation.
  • Providing consumer protection and assurance for prospective families.
  • Ensuring your curriculum covers essential skills and knowledge for children’s development.
  • Advancing the field by promoting standards of practice and advocating rigorous preparation.
  • Serving as a basis for government and public agencies to determine eligibility and prioritize centers.
  • Promoting ongoing self-evaluation, continuous improvement, and an effective system for accountability.
  • Standardizing services and ensuring quality across multiple centers.

The accreditation process varies in duration depending on the size and needs of each center. Typically, it can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, with ongoing support and assessments to ensure continuous improvement.

Throughout the accreditation process, you can expect regular consultations, tailored guidance, staff training, and access to resources and tools designed to help your center succeed.

Accreditation renewal typically occurs every 3 years, depending on the accrediting body’s requirements. This ensures your center continues to meet high-quality standards and fosters ongoing improvement.

Accreditation renewal typically occurs every 3 years, depending on the accrediting body’s requirements. This ensures your center continues to meet high-quality standards and fosters ongoing improvement.

Yes, Jawda accreditation is recognized internationally, showcasing that your center has met global best practices and standards in early childhood education.

The cost of Jawda accreditation varies depending on the service package you choose, the size of your center, and any additional services required. To get a better understanding of the costs, we recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our Jawda experts.