CACHE level 3 student gets a job in Canada

A degree that prepares you for an international career

This article shares valuable advice gathered by Arabian Child to give you the qualifications that allow you to unlock international career opportunities. Read about the experience of a student who earned her diploma from Arabian Child and moved to North America.

Choosing to get a diploma in early childhood is a life-changing moment. For some of us, it is a commitment of time, money, and resources and may change the trajectory of your life, as well as the lives of many children that will be under your care. This decision should not be taken lightly. A career in early childhood is for those who are patient, nurturing, and committed to lifelong learning. The first step is to enroll in an accredited educational program that will benefit you wherever life takes you. Many early childhood teachers that register with Arabian Child in one of our CACHE diplomas may consider traveling or getting a job in different countries around the world. After completing this course, several of our learners have reported on successfully attaining international early childhood opportunities. The incentive of this article is to support other students in achieving similar life-changing opportunities.


Working in Canada as an early childhood teacher

More than 300,000 people in Canada work in early childhood centers, 96% of them being women and over 70% of the same group work full time. An early childhood education diploma is a valuable qualification. According to the Early Childhood Education Report from Canada, Early childhood educators are in high demand in schools, health care, family support, and settlement services, as well as in child care. With growing opportunities to ladder into higher education, many ECEs are building rewarding careers in academia and government services.

Requirements needed before moving to Canada:

  1. Make sure that the center you are getting your diploma from is a CACHE registered center and is locally accredited by the Awarding bodies
  2. Complete your Diploma on time, in one year or more. DO NOT seek shortcuts, it is important that you study hard and complete your assigned tasks to the best of your ability.
  3. Write a letter of thanks to your instructor.
  4. Request for a recommendation letter from your instructor and from your current employer.
  5. Get a copy of your transcript and your original diploma.
  6. Get an evaluation for your diploma from World Education Services.
  7. Get information about obtaining an early childhood license from Canada. Learn more about certification here.
  8. Make sure you have a valid first aid certificate and CPR C with AED.
  9. Learn basic computer skills.
  10. Learn about the local plans and animals in the area that you are applying.
  11. Learn about the names and curriculum approaches of the childcare programs in the area that you are applying.
  12. Be prepared to go through a police information check and a vulnerable sector
  13. Be prepared to accept an assistant level job while you are waiting to finalize the local licenses and certifications, or be prepared to work as a volunteer to show your commitment to being an early childhood teacher.
  14. Attend a webinar or a local virtual event to network with childcare directors in the community where you are searching for a job.
  15. Connect with childcare directors in the area through social media and LinkedIn.
  16. Sign up for newsletters at the Canadian Child Care Federation for Free.

Arabian Child is a registered training provider in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We cannot guarantee placement for our learners anywhere. Arabian Child follows international best practices and we try to provide our learners with the best possible options to help them grow personally and professionally. The information above is to be used for learning. Our intention is to guide you and to help you in your search. We cannot however make guarantees to the accuracy of our information and hold no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any inaccurate information. We love our students and we wish you the best wherever you are, and whatever you choose to do.

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